Salary increase for Hong Kong Airlines staff as the company’s operations improve

Salary increase for Hong Kong Airlines staff

Hong Kong Airlines has declared a 3.8% rise in salary for its employees, citing its robust revival and growth strategies.

According to a recent announcement made by Hong Kong Airlines, eligible employees will receive an average salary increase of 3.8% starting from 1 February 2024. The airline has seen a significant rebound in its performance in 2023, with 25 destinations being reinstated and a passenger load factor of 85% achieved in the past year.

Hong Kong Airlines

According to the employee performance appraisals conducted in 2023, the basic pay of eligible employees, including flight crew and ground staff, will increase by 3.8%. Meanwhile, technical staff who are mainly involved in maintenance and engineering positions will receive an average salary raise of 5%. The percentage of these increments is determined by the results of the appraisals.

In addition, flying hourly rates for pilots will see an increase of up to 5%. Eligibility for discretionary variable incentives for staff will remain based on the Company’s performance and the individual’s fulfillment of specific appraisal criteria, as was also the case in the previous year.

According to Mr. Jeff Sun, the Chairman of Hong Kong Airlines, the company’s swift revival in business amidst various obstacles is a significant accomplishment. The airline has not only resumed most of its popular destinations but has also added new attractive locations for travelers. Mr. Sun commends the staff for their remarkable flexibility and perseverance in ensuring the safety of passengers and sustaining the company’s revenue. Additionally, he acknowledges the team’s exceptional punctuality during the transition period in the previous year.

In the future, our focus remains on our sustainable and strategic approach to business growth. Our fleet will be expanded this year with the addition of more aircraft, allowing us to extend our network. Furthermore, a new aircraft model will greatly improve our operational efficiency. We plan to continue investing in Mainland China and Japan for market development and also consider adding more leisure travel destinations to our services in order to provide a wider variety of travel choices.


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